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Public liability insurance cost


When you shop for public liability insurance, there are decisions you will have to make all the way including how much cover you include. To figure this out, it helps to estimate how much insurance you need according to your business profile. How much you pay for your insurance depends on the size of your business and the risks associated with it.

How to calculate the cost of public liability insurance?

There are various factors that can have a major effect on the public liability insurance price offered by insurance providers. When calculating insurance premiums, providers will estimate what are the chances you will make a claim and how much will it cost.

  • Your cost will be high if your business
  • Has a big turnover
  • Takes out manual work at third parties’ beliefs
  • Sells goods in the market
  • Is set within assumptions that experience a high volume of visits from members of the public

When you purchase public liability insurance, you set a limit of cover based on your knowledge and priorities of how much you might require. This is the basic factor that can affect the cost. Insurance providers will also use the following information about your business to calculate the cost:

How big is your business?

Large businesses will surely carry more public liability risk affecting how much cover they might require. This can be due to a large range of factors with larger scales comes more risk exposure and possibly more environments where things can get tough.

For a moment, if you run a retail business with shops in several locations, your business activities will likely occur near more people and third-party property. Even the smallest of businesses can face effective public liability risk depending on other major factors.

The industry you are working in

It is just not all about your business size. Some industries are simply more dangerous than others.

For example, the construction industry and related trades can come with major risks to property and people, so even small businesses may require high levels of public liability cover. In these industries, many contracts will stipulate minimum public liability needs. Other industries are a high risk not just because of work risks, but because of the way you connect with people. Such as cafes, shops, hair salons, and health clinics may carry high public liability risk because of the high volume of people passing through.

The location of the business

The location of your business can also be as important as what you do when it comes to assessing how much public liability cover to purchase.

Even if you don’t welcome your visitors or other customers onto your premises regularly, you could be held responsible if your business activities cause property damage or injury for a moment to someone passing in the street.

The nature of your business

Partnerships, sole traders, and limited companies all have little different ways of working, and different risk profiles to match. For a moment, if you are a contractor or sole trader, it is likely many people you work with count as third parties, so anyone could file a public liability claim. With limited companies, you might find greater scale leads to more possibility for things to go wrong.

To help evaluate risk according to your business type, you might think about the possible extent of compensation claims in a bad scenario.

Business Revenue

How much revenue you have coming in can make a big difference. A high revenue can indicate that you might have more customers, work with more valuable property, or simply work at a bigger scale meaning there is more opportunity for mistakes to occur.

For this main reason, you would really want to set a higher cover.

Business History

You do your very best to keep your business compliant with safety protocols but sometimes there might be a few ups and downs. If you have had a problem with property damage or visitor injury previously, this might indicate something about your current risk profile.

The goal of your public liability insurance cover limit is to meet the cost of worst-case scenario claims that may be likely in your line of work.

The level of public liability insurance cover you have selected

Setting a public liability insurance cover limit on the maximum amount we would pay in the event of a successful claim is a decision that is individual to small businesses. You might calculate how much you require and then sets this as your limit this will help you determine the cost.

In some cases, you may find clients that expect you to have a minimum level of cover according to your industry or area. How much public liability cover you place within your limit will affect the cost of your insurance premium.

Public liability insurance can also come alongside other covers. For a moment, this insurance is included as standard with public liability cover. This gives extra protection in case one of your products causes injury or damages someone’s property. One of the easiest ways to calculate the cost of public liability for your business is to run a quote online. We can offer a policy for complete protection.

How much public liability insurance does your business need?

It depends on your work’s risk to people and property. Checking in with any contracts, and trade body rules and assessing industry standards can assist you to estimate your needs.

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