Impound insurance

Practices That People in the Impound Insurance Industry Need to Understand


Having your vehicle impounded by police can be very inconvenient and sometimes expensive. Impound charges and police fees can add up to hundreds of pounds that no one wants them.

Whether you had some issues with your previous company, had your vehicle on the roadside without valid insurance, or your insurance policy had expired, having your vehicle impounded can have a massive effect on your routine life even if the impounding was not your fault, many insurance providers will react to the condition by either not offering insurance cover when you need it most or charging a lot for your insurance premiums that will add more inconvenience.

Since you will have to get insurance to leave the police pound where your vehicle is held and many insurance companies will decline to issue you with cover, you may feel that you have nowhere to go. Even if you have impounded vehicle insurance, any police conviction you receive afterward could mean that some insurance companies will continue to charge much higher insurance rates in the future and a few may even refuse to cover you.

Luckily you don’t have to feel helpless and forced to make a tough choice between the right protection for your vehicle and a suitable policy. As well as good value vehicle insurance for impounded vehicles.

At Release my vehicle, we offer impound insurance particularly designed for vehicles impounded by the police. Car insurance is a legal requirement to drive a vehicle on a public road. That is the reason you need valid insurance to release your vehicle from the police pound. Our team of experienced insurance providers holds no judgment over your situation and understands you want to release your vehicle and get back on the road as quickly as possible. This policy lasts for 30 days so you can utilize it for the duration if you need. The cover will be issued straight after your payment.

Why should you choose us?

  • We are a dedicated company that treats every case fairly.
  • You can always speak to an insurance advisor.
  • We provide covert services and never hold judgment on your conditions.

When you call our team, they will make sure all important information is taken to provide a valid insurance quote. Working closely with our large panel of expert insurance providers, we can find you an insurance quote you can afford. In addition, we can also offer annual cover after the vehicle is retrieved from the police pound.

Having no car insurance is one of the basic reasons for impounding. You can speak to our advisor who will keep everything confidential to make sure you get the best services.

At Release my vehicle, we look to do things a bit differently meaning that we pick not to refuse impounded vehicle insurance for people who make convictions or increase insurance premiums of vehicles without checking their story first. We take care to make sure that everyone’s situations and driving backgrounds and taken into account when we give a quote to help you get the cover you require.

Affordable insurance for impounded vehicles

We are working hard to help our clients find the best insurance for them, a policy that provides the best coverage at a suitable price. We put your situations and requirements first to help you get out of difficult conditions. With years of experience and our position as part of the UK’s specialist insurance provider, we will able to help you find insurance when others are not able to do.

Benefits of our impound insurance

As well as trustworthy and the best services, we pride ourselves on offering the best policies insurance that combines the ideal cover with an insurance premium that you can afford.

Just some of the features and benefits of our impound insurance policy:

  • We can find cover for you to drive your vehicle on the road. We provide cover for a large range of cars and other vehicles like vans.
  • Whether you are an old driver or a young driver, we can help find cover for you even if you have driving convictions. Experienced drivers will have to pay less for their insurance premiums because there are fewer chances of accidents while a young drivers might have to pay more because there is a big chance of involvement in accidents.
  • With UK-based call centers handled by experienced insurance providers, you can be confident of getting through to someone who knows everything that they are talking about each time you contact them.

Why should you use impound insurance?

Unluckily, many standard car insurance providers will not provide cover for impounded cars. If your vehicle is impounded, you must have sufficient cover for your current policy or search specialist impound insurance. Some insurance providers might also offer cover with insurance proof documents sent to you right away so you can retrieve your vehicle.

Short-term and Annual insurance policy

You need access to specialist impound insurance coverage if you have had a vehicle impounded by the police, to help you release your car from the police pound. If your car has been taken away by the police may be it for insurance or no tax, a quick insurance cover is available for the car even after it has been impounded. Before you can release your car, you will have to show insurance cover is in force for your impounded vehicle for a minimum of 30 days.

How much is impound insurance?

Not all insurance policies are valid for retrieving an impounded and your cheap impounded car insurance might not work out always to be the cheapest option in the long run. Many insurance providers will not provide the insurance cover needed to release your impounded vehicle and authorities will always check that the policy you have is valid for retrieval of your vehicle.

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