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Here is what you should know about taxi insurance.


What exactly does taxi insurance cover?

It is worthwhile to have a general understanding of the topic “What does taxi insurance cover?” because, like any sort of insurance, taxi insurance will differ between policies and providers, but the fundamental elements frequently remain the same.

Despite your level of experience or whether you’re just starting out as an Uber driver, taxi insurance will protect you because it is made to cover both public and private hire vehicles that are utilized as taxis, as the name says.

Three main level of taxi insurance policies.

The three major categories of motor insurance are readily available, and taxi drivers who own personal vehicles may already be familiar with these categories.

The very minimum required by law, third party only (TPO), covers all third-party liability in the event of an accident. Third party, fire & theft (TPFT), the next level of protection, offers the same level of security as TPO but also includes fire and theft coverage (we bet you didn’t see that coming!).

The last level of coverage is comprehensive insurance, which provides the same protection as TPFT but also protects you and your car. As you might have guessed, this level of protection is the most extensive.

A solid taxi insurance policy will have you covered, whether you’re an experienced professional or an aspiring Uber driver.

Why should you choose to purchase insurance through Protect My Taxi?

Since we’ve been offering insurance for cabs for more than 20 years, we at Protect My Taxi are aware of how challenging it can be to find the correct protection given the wide range of variables that can affect the business.

Thankfully, the Protect My Taxi specialists have created this helpful guide to assist you in understanding the protection offered. Luckily, the Protect My Taxi professionals have gathered  this useful information to guide you in comprehending the insurance options and choosing the most appropriate policy for your taxi insurance company.

What is covered by taxi insurance?

windshield shield

Taxi insurance covers windscreens for anything from a tiny chip that needs to be filled to a significant fracture that necessitates a complete windscreen replacement, just like personal auto insurance.

societal, domestic, and recreational

As long as you are a licensed taxi driver, you are permitted to use your car for personal, home, and social needs in addition to business. It’s usually important to double-check ahead of time because regulations can vary based on your local council.

Even though you’ve only had your taxi badge for two years, Protect My Taxi is happy. Protect My Taxi is pleased to supply your insurance,” the representative said, “even if you’ve just had your taxi badge for two years.”

vehicles, both public and private

The majority of insurance companies offer coverage for both private and public hire taxis, but the costs may vary. Public hire vehicles, such as Hackney carriages, are those that can be requested on the spot, reserved in advance, or rented from a taxi rank.

However, you must make a reservation in advance for private cabs. The latter group would include Uber drivers. You must know which of the two categories your company falls under because the insurance policies for each are different.

updated badge holders

Even if you’ve only recently received your taxi badge, don’t live in fear of expensive taxi insurance quotes. Despite the fact that you have just had your taxi license for two years, Protect My Taxi is delighted to offer adequate protection. Don’t worry about the cost of expensive taxi insurance rates.

many types of vehicles

Almost every vehicle, from standard saloons and black taxis to huge MPVs, is covered by our insurance. Taxi insurance will protect you as long as you don’t transport more than eight people.

Want protection for a bigger car? A better option might be our minibus insurance.


We have no doubt that you won’t be the last person to use the incorrect fuel, but if you run a taxi service, it’s critical to know that you can swiftly get back up and running. You surely wouldn’t be the first person to do so. You’ll be taken care of by taxi insurance.

What a taxi insurance policy doesn’t cover

Although they are unlikely to be included as standard coverage, you may be able to add the following benefits to your taxi insurance policy.

As with other insurance, finding cheap taxi insurance quotes and acquiring the coverage you require must be balanced. Therefore, have a quick look over to be sure you’re covered for what you believe you are; if you’re taking out a new policy, thoroughly discuss your needs with your advisor to make sure you have the coverage you require.

Public responsibility

Since you probably deal with members of the public on a regular basis as a cab driver, public liability insurance is an important supplement to your policy that could shield you against mishaps and lawsuits.

If you want to protect the taxi business location, you must have taxi base insurance.

Driving alternative vehicles

Comprehensive taxi insurance does not protect you if you operate a car that has comprehensive coverage, in contrast to comprehensive personal auto insurance.

taxi base defense costs

You will need taxicab base insurance if you need protection for your taxi premises. In addition to public liability insurance for your site, this coverage also includes protection for your buildings and employers’ liability insurance.

Compare taxi insurance.

Since introducing our coverage policies from the beginning, Protect My Taxi’s experts have gained a thorough awareness of the ins and outs of taxi insurance, much as taxi drivers have an intimate knowledge of their local area.

Call us at 01625 885046 to speak with one of our insurance specialists about your needs if you’re unclear about the type of coverage you might require, or complete our short online form to get a quote.

What is the price of taxi insurance?

Although taxi insurance costs vary greatly, most drivers pay between £1,000 and £4,000 per year. In addition to mileage, vehicle type, location, and years of expertise, quotes are also based on these variables. The type of hire you provide—public vs. private employment—will also have an impact on your price.

Don’t forget that if you’re a registered taxi driver, your taxi insurance covers your car for personal, domestic, and recreational usage in addition to use for hiring services, so you simply need to insure your car. 

Remember that if you are a legally registered taxi driver, your taxi insurance covers your car for personal, domestic, and recreational usage in addition to use for hiring services, so you only need to insure it once.

What does insurance for taxi fleets entail?

Specifically created for use by taxi businesses, taxi fleet insurance offers coverage for three or more vehicles under a single policy. You may tailor your insurance to your company’s needs because fleet insurance can cover both public and private hire fleets as well as mixed fleets of cars. As long as the drivers are over 25, you can include their use of your vehicles when renting them as part of your taxi fleet insurance coverage.


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