Seemantham Ceremony

What Is Seemantham Ceremony, Baby Shower Pooja Cost, Vidhi & Benefit?


The Seemantham Ceremony Baby Shower (Valaikappu Function) is held at five months gestation. The Seemantham Ceremony Baby Shower (Valaikappu Function), a well-known Hindu ceremony, is frequently included in South Indians’ shodasha samskaras, which are celebrations held during a woman’s pregnancy.

Other names for this ceremony are Seemantonnayana, Godh Bharai, the Valaikappu Function, Seemantham, Khoro, and Dohale Jevan. During the last month of pregnancy, the Seemantham Ceremony Baby Shower (Valaikappu Function), a common Western tradition, is held. “Parting of the hair” and “Valaikappu” are both used in the Seemantham Ceremony.

In order to ask God for a healthy pregnancy that would result in the mother’s great health and a safe delivery of the child, the Seemantham Ceremony and Valaikappu Function are held. Mothers ought to be honoured on par with the goddess Lakshmi.

At the Seemantham Ceremony and Valaikappu Function, the expectant mother is presented with a brand-new sari, bangles, and a variety of delectables. She is also anointed by Dravyas.

In English, what is valaikappu?

The rite is largely still practised in south India at its original location, known as Valaikappu in English. On this day, Tamil Indians commemorate the customary Valaikappu ceremony that expectant mothers would go through in the last month of their pregnancies. The words “bangles” and “security” used to describe the procedure in the ceremonial Valaikappu express the significance.

The event, known as the “bangle ceremony” in American English, involves the expectant woman being showered with glass bangles.

The list of items for the Valaikappu/Seemantham Ceremony

  • Leaves of betel with agarbatti
  • Sticks of incense and frankincense
  • Coconut
  • bouquets or garlands of flowers
  • ghee and fruit.
  • Kalasham and Kumkum
  • Mango and Diya leave the house.
  • fresh material
  • Oil- or ghee-dipped cotton balls
  • rice, dishes
  • Sandal Supari Powder
  • Sweet rice, white thread, or payasam
  • turmeric powder

What are your responsibilities to Seemantham?

There should be a maximum of five females present for this Seemantham Ceremony. The expecting woman receives blessings from her mother, mother-in-law, husband, and other elderly folks. The women then present her with gandham, or sandalwood, coupled with kumkum, pasupu, or turmeric for her Mangalyam, or Mangalsutra.

She is adorned by the women with colourful hair accessories and bangles. After blessing the infant and offering a prayer for her safety and well-being, they present her with presents of chocolates and fruit. In exchange for a child’s safe delivery, the expectant woman additionally receives a blouse piece and a thambulam as presents. The five then beg Mangala, the expectant mother, to accept Aarthi.

Important information about Seemantham

At the Seemantham Ceremony Baby Shower, we’ll go over a few crucial issues (Valaikappu Function). Take note of the following:

  • Infant Shower (Valaikappu Function) When the unborn child is still in the mother’s womb, the Seemantham Ceremony is performed.
  • As the saying goes, the Seemantham Ceremony Baby Shower (Valaikappu Function) protects pregnant women’s health throughout labour and delivery.
  • The performer’s janma nakshatra and the priest’s advice were used to determining the day of the Valaikappu ritual.
  • For this Seemantham Ceremony, the family makes special feasts, sweets, and delicacies.

The cost of the baby shower for the Seemantham wedding

Based on the Janma nakshatra of the pregnant mother, the Hindu pandit suggests an auspicious muhurat and day for the Seemantham/Valaikappu ceremony. The price of the Seemantham Ceremony will depend on how many pandits show up for the puja. If you simply requested one pandit to officiate the wedding, the cost would be lower.

The price would be high if additional pandits, such as Dakshina and puja samagri, were employed in the procedure. The price range for the Seemantham ritual and the Valaikappu ceremony is 5000–15000 INR.

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Benefits Of Seemantham Ceremony

  • The benefits of this Seemantham Ceremony The brain is stimulated during ceremonies, which is good for the unborn child.
  • The Hindu pandit repeats a mantra during the Seemantham Puja or Seemantham Ceremony to aid in the purification of the females, which in turn aids in the development of the baby’s intelligence and observance.
  • Through this process, the woman can secure the elders’ and lords’ blessings, ensuring the baby is born safely.
  • This puja, also known as the Seemantham Ceremony, provides additional protection for the mother and child.

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