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Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery Is Here


Tiff’s Treats Cookie Imagine you’re at home with your Luna PT doing the last few reps of your physical therapy exercises when your stomach starts to grumble tiffs treats coupon. You suddenly want something sweet, which takes your mind off the good care you’re getting.

Hungry And Want A Cookie

As April starts, Luna is excited to tell you that we’ll be testing Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery. As we start to grow in the Austin area, PTs will bring you delicious, freshly baked cookies. With the Luna app, patients at Luna can easily ask for cookies. Here’s a small taste of what we have to offer at Tiff’s Treats.

Bay Area And Los Angeles

Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip (our favorite), Snickerdoodle, Salted Caramel and more. Every time you come, we’ll bring you cookies, and we’ll make sure to take into account any allergies or dietary needs. Today, Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery will start in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Soon, it will come to other cities. Make sure you send in your requests right away.

Get Your Cookie Fix

Actually, it’s April 1st! Sorry, folks. You’ll have to get your Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery somewhere else for now. We did celebrate our recent launch to Austin, Cincinnati, Hartford, Tucson, and Salt Lake City, jokes or no jokes. If you want to get good care from the comfort of your own home, download the Luna app and make your first appointment right away.

Making Tiff’s Treats Unique

Sweet Victory. A Q&A about making Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery unique. One of the hardest things for a business to do is figure out how to grow while still sticking to its roots. For Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery, a cookie delivery service in Austin, Texas, which makes cookies to order, the answer to how to grow was simple: focus on your loyal customers and give them the best experiences possible.

The Email Marketing Manager

We recently met with Rachael Romeo, the Email Marketing Manager at Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery , and Rachel Cowlishaw, the Associate Director of Client Strategy at Movable Ink, to find out how Tiff’s Treats has been so successful. Read on to find out more about Rachael’s job at Tiff’s Treats, and watch our webinar on-demand for even more information.

What Do You Know About Tiff’s Treats

Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery is known for serving hot cookies and brownies right out of the oven to people who are hungry. We’ve always tried to keep our menu small, our dough fresh, and never run out of the flavors that our customers like best.

Deliver Them Hot And Fresh

Even though we now have 59 stores and more than 1,000 employees and serve the greater Texas area, Atlanta, Nashville, and Charlotte, our main goal is still the same: to bake amazing cookies and deliver them hot and fresh. From a college kitchen to 59 stores, Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery has come a long way! That’s amazing. What do you think is behind this growth.

The Creation Of The App

Technology, especially the creation of our app, was a big reason for our growth. Now, customers can order from us in a way that is faster and easier to use. You can even find out when your cookies will arrive at your door. It’s fun to see how the delivery of your cookies goes.

Some of our most active customers are the ones who use our app. This really shows how smart it was to decide to use technology to grow. Over 25% of our orders come through our app right now.

The Tiff’s Treats App

How can you use the information you get from the Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery. Not only is our app convenient, but it also helps us keep track of a huge amount of information about how customers behave: With our app, customers sign in and place orders for cookies. From these interactions, we learn their name, where they live, and what they like to order.

How Their Delivery Went

If they give us feedback on how their delivery went and how they used the app, we’ll have more feedback and data to look at. With this information, we can help each customer the best way possible, making their experiences better. It’s a way we’ve built into our business model to make things more personal, and it helps us keep that local bakery feel.

Biggest Problems With Marketing

What were your biggest problems with marketing before you made the switch. Before we set up systems to fully organize and use our data, our team had to manually divide our customers into groups based on where they lived and what they bought. There were a few problems with this method for building customer segments.

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Information About Customers

As a company grows, it becomes more and more difficult to segment by hand. Getting to know Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery  ten customers is very different from getting to know 10,000. Information about customers (location, preferences, etc.) can change on the spot. Manual segmentation is not a flexible process, so we would have to keep rebuilding these groups and switching around the customer traits.

How Much Data We Collected

IT was the only one who could see customer data. We always had to bother our IT team to get data requests and up-to-date information about our customers. At some point, both sides got tired of these requests. As we grew, we could no longer market by manually dividing people into groups. We knew right away that the problem was with our tech stack. With our old ESP, no matter how much data we collected, we couldn’t use it in a useful way.

What Your Martech Stack Could Do

What did you do after you found out what your MarTech stack couldn’t do. We knew we needed to find a way to get, organize, and use information about our customers, so we did some research. Soon, we realized that if we added Iterable and Movable Ink to our tech stack, we could solve all of our problems with getting data and putting it to use.

Iterable And Movable Ink

Before we worked with Iterable and Movable Ink, we could only send Happy Birthday messages and emails that were based on where the recipient lived. We can now set up our database so that it automatically looks.

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