Cartoon Cloud Drawing

How to Draw A Cartoon Cloud


How to Draw A Cartoon Cloud. Seeing the clouds in the sky is always an amazing sight! These puffy clouds provide precious precipitation, protect us from the sun’s rays, and make the sky look nicer.

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Because of this, they are often incorporated into various artworks, and learning how to draw a cartoon cloud can be great.

This guide is for you if you want to learn how to draw cool cartoon clouds! You’ll see how straightforward it can be to create fun cloud displays, not just fun.

How to Draw A Cartoon Cloud

Step 1

Most clouds are very puffy and uneven, so we would use a lot of curved and rounded lines to represent this cartoon cloud.

Let’s focus on the left side of the cloud and start with the outline. This consists of several irregular lines, the leftmost being the largest.

Two smaller ones will join this larger line to complete this side of the cloud.

Once this page is drawn, we can move on to the second step of the guide to continue building on this wonderful cartoon cloud!

Step 2

We’ll be adding more to the outline soon, but first, in this step of our how-to draw a cartoon cloud guide, let’s add some inner line detail!

This step should be fairly easy to accomplish, but while these details are simple, they help make this cloud look fuller and bigger.

Just add some smaller curved lines inside the cloud. To keep things consistent, their curved edges point to the left.

That’s all we’re going to add now so we can continue to expand the outlines in the following steps.

Step 3

In this third part of your cartoon cloud design, we’ll expand the outline for the base of the cloud.

As with the start of the outline in step one, this one comprises a few small rounded lines that connect. Specifically, there will be two larger ones with a much smaller one in between.

These curved lines will help the cloud look more fluffy and full, but we’re still going! Let’s move on to step 4 to add more to this cloud.

Step 4

This cartoon cloud is already looking good! In this step, we will expand the outline to form the right side of the cloud.

To this, we will add a single irregular line that will be connected to the base but will be quite large.

Next, we’ll add some interior details by drawing a small curved line inside the interior. Since it’s on the opposite edge, this one has a curved side pointing to the right.

There remains a gap in the outline, but we’ll fill it in the next step!

Step 5

Before moving on to the final steps of this how-to guide on how to draw a cartoon cloud, we’re going to finish the outline first.

This means filling in the space left last time. Let’s add two medium-sized curved lines on the other edges to fill this spot.

The reference image will show you how to place them!

As you draw this cartoon cloud outline, remember that you can change some details for your unique variation if you like.

Then we’re ready to add finishing touches and details in the next step.

Step 6

You’re almost ready to finish this cartoon cloud drawing with some paint, but first, we’ll finish it with some little touches and details. This will even be a stage where you can add some joy perks!

Draw A Cartoon Cloud

First, we’ll add some smaller curved lines into the cloud. Most of these go where the curved lines of the outlines meet.

So you’re ready to add some details! There are tons of fun options to choose from here. A fun idea would be to draw a face on it.

What kind of expression do you think this cloud would have? You could also add a background or make rain fall from the cloud for more ideas!

Step 7

In this seventh and final step, we’ll bring this drawing to life with some paint! Our reference image only showed you one way to colorize this cartoon cloud.

Cartoon Cloud Drawing

We used different shades of gray to make this look like the cloud you would see when the rain came.

However, there are other ways to color it! You can make it white, fluffy, or even darker to look like a storm cloud.

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Your Cartoon Cloud Drawing is Finished!

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